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Monuments, Grave Markers & Headstones Grave Markers and Headstones are used to memorialize the person or people buried there. The early grave markers were made from rough stone or wood and did not last long due to exposure to the weathering elements. However now they are beautifully made to last from granite and bronze. The carvings make a statement about the deceased whether they are simple names and dates to the ornate shapes, etched designs and portraits. Each are as unique as the people that are buried there.
We can help you choose a unique Monument to express your love We provide a wide variety of designs to choose from to express the individuality of your loved one. The monuments shown on this page are just a few examples of colors, shapes and options we offer. The stones can be carved into various shapes such as benches, angels and hearts. They are etched with names and dates, as well as, with beautiful designs, portraits and significant meaning designs as shown below. Since you'll never be forgotten We pledge to you today A hallowed place within our hearts Is where you'll always stay