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Sharon Hunger Sharon is a Funeral Director and Owner of Rullman Hunger Funeral Home. Sharon, daughter of Larry and Esther Sedam Hunger, is a native of Benham Indiana, a small town close to Versailles. She graduated in 1978 from South Ripley High School. She then attended and graduated Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Indiana and Ohio. She was an employee at Fitch-Denney for over 20 years. While not serving the community at the funeral homes, she serves as a member of the Phi Beta Psi Sorority and a member of the Hebron Lutheran Church. Sharon enjoys spending time with her husband, Rick Lowe of Aurora and her 3 step children, Rick, Brian and Kara Lowe and their families. Millard Rullman Harry Rullman served and was discharged from the U.S. Army after he served in World War 1. He and Mr. Holthause started Holthause- Rullman Funeral Home in Aurora, Indiana about 1921 . Millard Rullman pictured on the far right, joined his father, Harry, in 1953 after graduating from college and embalming school. 3 months later, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and stayed in for 2 years. Holthause- Rullman Funeral Home used to be on Main Street. In 1959 the Rullmans bought a new and current location at 219 Mechanic Street. They transformed the house into a funeral home with extensive remodeling. After his father retired, Millard and his brother, Roger provided caring funeral services to the community of Aurora. Now Millard is semi-retired and enjoys spending more time at home with his wife, Sally. Sally is retired from owning her own real estate business in Aurora, Sally Rullman Realty. Roger Rullman Roger Rullman and his brother, Millard, have been involved with the funeral business since they were children. It was a natural they both follow their father, Harry, as funeral directors. Roger was drafted into the army in 1959. He left a few days before the open house of the new funeral home in it's current location. After he was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1961 he attended and graduated embalming school. Roger's wife Patty, is a retired school teacher from South Dearborn Community Schools. He and his brother, Millard, have worked hard to provide the best funeral services available to the Aurora community.